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I'm Jojo,  and this is love Jojo. I take photographs, sometimes for exhibition or publication, sometimes by commission and sometimes just for fun. 

I have also been a columnist, a producer of adult cabaret, an actor and a theatre director and teacher. I've worked in television and done a spot of radio.

I'm approachable and love it when people say hi with an idea of collaborating, so, what are you waiting for?

I have started the research for what will be a two and a half year project exploring the theme of death.

In the mean time I am staying active with a couple of mini-series including one in which I simply photograph people at home. 

As of yet I don't know what the outcome of these mini series will be but I'm enjoying the journey and the counterpoint to the reading I am doing around the main project.

In other news I am trying to secure premises for what will be my fifth studio and hope to be able to moves in by July 2020. Any help with this or anything else is always appreciated.

Thank you.

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