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New Work:

Following on from PLAYTIME 1 and 2 I am currently producing work for PLAYTIME 3 which I hope to launch officially in October 2024 when I reach the ripe old age of 60. This publication, although connected to the 2 issues that proceeded it in format marks the start of a new chapter into how I approach my practice and the photobook, which will always be one of my most preferred ways of getting my work out into the world.

PLAYTIME 3 currently has the working title of LOVESTRUCK and represents my response to the phenomenon of being in-love. Not the kind of warm-slippers-dedicated-to-growing-old-beside-you type of love, but what the Ancient Greeks knew as EROS LOVE, the kind of love that sees you hit by cupid's bow and releases in you an array of passions, many of which could be classed as illness or madness.

At the time of writing this, I have narrowed the dozen series I have so far made to 3 or 4 that'll probably make it into the publication and am still several months from completing a fourth.

As always the publication will be self-published, (I'm open to offers if any publishers are reading this, x) and be a signed and numbered limited edition of between 100 and 200.

Stay tuned for more information or feel free to drop me a message.


z small DSC06238 copy.jpg

CO-AUTHORED WORK created in collaboration with a number of individual artists.

This image was made by me and Thais Lenkiewicz


working title for this series: CENTRE STAGE

Using ancient sources that comment on being in-love recreated in my studio with minimal sets:

This image shows the Greek Lyrical Poet Sappho contemplating suicide from the top of a cliff

zz1eDSC01133 copy.jpg

Finally, this series draws from my sense of isolation as a teenager desperate to fall in-love. I was a prisoner to my passions and felt humiliated by my inability to find my 'soulmate.' 

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