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Am I making a glorious mistake?

Half way through my second module of the MA I'm having doubts... Not about the MA but about what I am choosing to specialise in. I have given myself the brief to make constructed images which marry my theatrical past and photographic present and I am having fun, but, and it's a big but, am i making a mistake?

I've been continuing with several separate bodies of work alongside what I have mentioned above, all of which I have been keeping secret from my tutors. there's a series of me dressing in women's clothing/ a fab selection I'm calling Stilled lives of found man made objects and "road kill"/ and sequences of nudes, (as apposed to the naked portraits I made for twenty years). Half an hour ago I watched a Youtube video on gradient maps, selected one of my nudes at random, (the one pictured above), and turned it into black and white. I was blown away by it.

Just this morning I have purchased another couple of books on aspects of staged photography but am I making a mistake? It has always been my plan to publish all the sets of my projects, one after the other but this morning, at 08.56 , I am suddenly not as sure as i was at 07.56 that I am on the right course.

I know I don't have to decide today, but suddenly I'm thinking maybe I should be focussing on something else. When i figure it out I'll be sure to let you know first!

Forgive the censorship, I'm posting this image on Facebook later xx

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