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Another one bites the dust

So, another module, done and dusted and what a wild ride its been.

I could happily do this shit for at least another five years but, mustn't be greedy, and I still have two more taught modules before the big-do-it-yourself-one.

In my first module I got my head around self-portraiture (through my own investigations) and in the one I have just completed, I once again have gone off and this time, researched staged-photography. Next term is still a fair few weeks away but I think performance-art might be something I shall investigate.

In other news, when not being studious I am working on more of my own stuff, including taking the final chapters for my next book of nudes which I want to bring out in the autumn and I might even be revisiting portraiture.

Whatever happens, i am thrilled with how the MA has affected my capacity to contextualise my work, (essential for entering competitions) and with the questions it is forcing me to consider, albeit, so far without being able to reach any conclusions, about my own practice. Happy days.

A sample from my most recent work: The Photographer is Present. (2022)

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