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CRJ Week 2.

Today's webinar was stressful for several reasons, but the only one I will advertise here is that I was challenged, (no bad thing in itself) for experimenting too much. Of course the reason why I was doing that, was because of the feedback I was given at the end of the last module, for not experimenting enough: Oh the irony!

Anyway, out of that irritation has come some clarity, which is that I have decided to make work only in my studio for at least the next few modules, so if (when) I experiment it won't feel so disparate because it will be "sticking to one topic," which was one of the strategies I was afforded today.

I can now announce to the world that I shall be building work under the umbrella "Playing in the Studio" referring to the joy of making for no particular reason but also to the narrative and theatricality which will be running through my pieces.

So, with that in mind, I sweep away the work I was doing with muscle memory, shame and reflecting on the past with image and text, and, also, using stand-ins, such as this image (big thanks to them and all my creative collaborators from my GHOST SHIP series), and it's full steam ahead to planning and building a domestic interior where the first 12 images will be based, (6 just of me and 6 with me and various "visitors") after which things might get real surreal!

PS. If you want to see some other examples from Ghost Ship check out my insta account


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