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Inching towards clarity

At the half way point in my Masters with Falmouth University I have a pretty good understanding in how to introduce my practice. I have got my head around the language of the written word needed to contextualise my visual world and though I need to work on being less descriptive and a little more poetic in my statements of intent, I am confident in my ability to communicate in "art-speak" when it is required.

I have finally begun to understand what and how I want to make photographs.

The above image is my first experiment in this regard.

I have been attracted to the cinematic feel of images produced by practitioners such as Gregory Crewdson, Erwin Olaf and Julia Fullerton-Batten for quite some time, and that's the direction I'm now heading in. This approach is a perfect marriage between my photography skills with those I developed in my ten years as a theatre director and the several more as a self-taught film-maker. It also utilises my education in theatre, (studying directing at the Drama Studio London in the 1980's); and film (with my degree in Screen Studies and Theatre Studies at John Moores Uni in the 1990's and the MA I completed in Contemporary film Practice with Plymouth University, seven years ago).

In the past I have been guilty of rushing into projects but this time I'm purposely moving backwards before going forwards. During the making of the above test I identified a number of issues I will need to address before I can fulfil my potential within this arena. On my upcoming module I shall be making several images of individuals in interior locations to hone the skills I need and also to grow the crew and cast who will become essential for the more ambitious works to come. Simultaneously I have to figure out if I am going to be drawing on my own life or the world around me for the narratives I will eventually be illustrating. Wish me luck, I'm scared and excited and delighted to be feeling both of these things.

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