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Reflection Topic 8: Monte Carlo or bust!

When asked to reflect on how my practice has been shaped by technology I remember my first camera in 1996, an Olympus OM1 film camera and the complete lack of brand loyalty I had after it. Working my way through Cannon, Nikon, and FujiFilm to my current Sony A7R2. I am a believer in using the camera I have until I can justify the camera I want. My next camera, will be a digital medium format which I’ll purchase at the end of my MA in 2023 if I can justify the expense!

The other side of my technical relationship with photography has been the various lighting set ups I have had and shifting from a wet darkroom to the joys of a digital dry one. I was pretty inept in the first and know enough to understand how little I know in the second. I give it my best shot but if an image is important to me I have no hesitation in getting it retouched by someone who knows what they are doing.

I am currently working hard at building relationships with galleries and book publishers around the world. This process started in October this year when I sent a 16 page booklet to those on my “hit” list, which I had drawn up over three months research. I expect them all to say no initially, but I am determined to contact them again every 6 months until one of them says “yes” to representing me or publishing me, or until I run out of money. I refuse to allow myself to believe I failed to be discovered only because the right people didn’t know I existed!

My hope is that as I grow in confidence and the ability to better contextualize my practice over the course of the MA the likelihood of me gaining the support to break free from my parochial bubble will grow. At least that’s the plan… What’s the expression? “Monte Carlo or bust!” Wish me luck x

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