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The end is also the beginning

This week sees the deadline for us to hand in our final major projects and effectively ends my time as a part-time student of photography. Although, being the maverick I am, I have pushed against the machine, I have still greatly benefited from my time as an online student with falmouth University. Continually having my practice questioned, being introduced to practitioners from the entire cannon of photography and finding at least one other student who instantly gets what I am trying to do and can make suggestions to improve it, have all been incredibly positive.

As well as some friendships, I also leave with a renewed enthusiasm for learning, and better equipped to research ideas and contextualise my practice. The course is definitely worth what I paid for it.

But as my student identity ends (again, it is my second MA after all) and I approach my 59th birthday I am filled with the desire to keep the momentum moving forward. Whilst making work on the final two chapters for the photobook I will be releasing next year continues, I am making new connections and seeking ways to collaborate with others within my home town. I am entering National and International photo competitions as a strategy for getting my work seen beyond my city. I am also looking for organisations and individuals that can offer forms of mentorship to help me fulfill my creative potential. Lastly, I shall be paying to continue to have access to my city university library so I can keep enriching myself. In short, apart from my body reminding me I have less time ahead than behind me I am in my happy place and also tickled that, presuming I pass, I can be Jojo MA MA!

Feel the love and don't forget you can say hi any time. Thanks for reading all the way to the end.

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