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Trying new things

I spent a few weeks letting the feedback from last term germinate, specifically the three points that I should try making work out of the studio using natural light and not featuring me. I have now made some test prints in what I am calling Ghost Ship.

If I bring the series to fruition it will feature many different people, each a stand in for me, chosen for specific reasons that connect to my past. In particular I am looking to make images that put my sense of "otherness" under the spotlight.

The image accompanying this blog is a crop from one of the first I have shot and the guy in it is wearing his usual day-to-day clothing.

When I have completed half a dozen I'll have a better understanding of if I should abandon the series or if not, how I should move it forward.

Whilst doing this I am also continuing to work on what I was planning to, namely five or 6 studio shoots featuring me, (wearing my musketeer costume), and at least one other model. Additionally, once I have made most of these, I plan to take myself, in my costume, on location.

Watch this space, until then, here's a first glimpse of the Ghost Ship.

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