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A funny thing has happened...

For the last five years or so I have been monogamous to my photography practice, refusing to contemplate affairs with other media such as video, (I have an MA in contemporary Film Practice) or performance. But something has shifted and I am now contemplating becoming creatively promiscuous again!

(Above: Perhaps the last performance I was involved in maybe a decade ago. I played the most base character, unfeeling, controlling, objectifying and the woman on the lead was an opera singer, who sang the sweetest ariah while I looked at porn and rubbed my cock through my trousers.)

Perhaps it has been the validation of having my work selected by a jury to be shown as part of The BBA International Photography Prize that has made me realise I understand my photography medium well enough to continue to grow with it and not damage it by having affairs with other disciplines. Or maybe it's the realisation that being part of this prize might be the last pinacle I can reach with it and having gone as far as I can I might as well just do what gives me pleasure before my cash runs out.

Either way, whilst remaining completely faithful and dedicated to my photography practice I have just started formulating thoughts that may lead into a 20 minute piece of performance in january next year. Whatever the cause the result is that I am standing a little taller and feeling a little braver. I'll keep you posted on developments.

Thanks for taking the time to ingest my thoughts. xx

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