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I walk a mile in my brother's shoes

This week’s thoughts turn to the use of words within, around images and how they can add or detract or even take over the meaning of those images. Ironically, an hour before I realised that this was the topic I’d be exploring I went to my studio and created an image specifically designed to live with words. This image: I WALK A MILE IN MY BROTHER’S SHOES is in homage to the delicious Duane Michals who I only discovered during lock down but the way he broke a lot of the rules of art-photography during the early part of his career only to be considered fabulous later on is a narrative I relate to.

This image was made as part of me questioning my normal aesthetic, the title may or may not be enough to explain the picture but the “small print” beneath clarifies exactly what is going on.

I did originally consider writing the words rather than printing them but I like how this almost feels like an advert which it wouldn’t if I had written them.

Text, usually provided by the sitters I photograph within my large scale photographic projects has been something I’ve done for more than twenty years, but as of today, I don’t know. I feel I’m being deconstructed in readiness for the chance to rebuild myself which is exactly why I wanted to undertake the MA, it’s going to bruise a little but it’s definitely worth it because I have had enough of being a photographer, I’m now ready to be a visual artist.

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