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Looking back in time

Right now I am completely focussed on the future: tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow, I'm thrilled with, I'm excited about my current practice and how that will lead into a major body of work which I'll complete over about eighteen months, then there's uni life and reading and writing about photography and talking about it, my tiny little social life often surprises me and my ambition has returned as I enter at least one photographic competition every month.

Yes, it's all about the future, except, sometimes... I remember the past. I've had many creative outlets before deciding to make photography my one true love, one of those was the few years i experimented with the idea of becoming an independent film maker. I had shit kit, but lots of enthusiasm, and in looking back at this little "video portrait" I am reminded that like it's subject, I too, will one day die, but hopefully that's the distant future, not the day after tomorrow, and tomorrow and tomorrow...

Anyway. Enjoy.

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