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Module 2 Topic 1: Where am I now?

During the break between last term and this I was pretty sure I knew where I was heading: a world combining self portraiture and constructed photography, possibly exploring surrealism as well as my dilly-dallying with "melodrama" but now... Now, I am not so sure.

In the last few days I have found myself focussing on making photographs that involve some aspect of time travel and written text, which is a completely unexpected development.

I have no idea if this new interest will lead to a dead end or a grand new way of seeing and making work. Only time will tell, however, one thing is for sure, I'm still not sure of my destination but I am loving the journey.

The image attached is from just one strand of the web I am weaving. In recreating a pose i have previously used in my life I am drawing on what some consider "muscle memory" and purposely allowing photoshop to colourize

my black and white photograph to further stress the strangeness of what I am presenting.


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