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Moving forward and revisiting the past

Hello again. here we are in 2022 and don't it feel good!

This week I start my second module at Falmouth and have already started to discuss my work with my new tutor which is wonderful.

I know I am responsible for determining the direction my work proceeds in but sometimes I get lost and seek out people who can help me by providing the right kind of questions for me to answer. Ultimately I am responsible for my work but having these creative compasses to help me figure out where I am heading and why is priceless and the dialogue I have begun with my tutor even before my first tutorial makes me very excited regarding my creative growth this term.

In other news i am delighted to announce that i have made an arrangement with a local gallery who will publish a second edition of my third book, REMEMBERING ROBERT: about the artist Robert Lenkiewicz, as told by the 100 people I photographed with the portraits he made of them. Each subject provides an accompanying text to my photograph which explains their relationship to the artist and how come their portrait came to be made by him.

The first edition - 1000 signed and numbered copies - came out about 12 years ago and sold out.

I am thrilled that this book will rise again in the 20th year anniversary of Robert's death.

There will only be 250 copies in this edition so to ensure you get your hands on a copy you can preorder from kaya Gallery in Plymouth.

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