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Sometimes its hard

Hey people, just a note to say last night was hard for me, looking at my creative practice wondering what I am doing and if there is any point to it, but then something yummy happened: I discovered Yumi (Yumi Goto, from a recorded talk she gave in May 2017) talking about her approach to Photobooks and suddenly I was inspired again.

I don't know if others follow the pattern that my creative journeys take me on: excitement, productivity, despondency, productivity, culminating in completion. But for me this is a very well worn path and I follow it and understand it and even when I am in the despondent stage of the cycle I know it will be OK as long as I keep working and keep myself open to influences that find their way to me just when I need them most, like Yumi did last night.

It's enough to make me want to put on a dress and levitate!

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